Realize it's family challenge.


Realize it's family challenge.

Like most families, we had not planned on dealing with dementia or even being called to care for my father who was no longer able to be on his own. I will save the more complete story for another place on the site. The point here is when we discovered that we were a family living with dementia, one of the most difficult things we ran into was the learning curve.

The initial questions like:

  • What is dementia really?
  • What does this mean for my Dad?
  • How is do the various types of dementia manifest themselves?
  • What are the treatments for dementia and how do we get started with them?

And the wave of associated questions just kept coming at us. We were so unprepared for the situation and to top it off, we were in West Lafayette Indiana, more than 2,000 miles away from where my Dad was living in Southern California. You see, like many children of the “Greatest Generation” we had not only left home, we had move out of the state to pursue our lives and dreams.

Of course, we “Googled it” and came up with conflicting and very confusing results. Part of the challenge is that we had no idea what we didn’t know. And further, the situation was not something that we could take our time to figure out what our plan was going to be. We recognized the problem just before it was critical and had to make decisions fairly quickly.

Fortunately, we had a great relationship with my Dad and visited two or three times each year and talked with him most every week and he was living in the same home I was raised in, so the area was quite familiar to us. More on that at another time as well.

We created to help bridge the gap between that “Oh my God!” moment when you realize that you have to take steps to help your family member and when you start taking those steps to embrace the fact that you too are living with dementia. And it changes your life.

If we can help you figure out your path in blending aging into your life, then we have accomplished what we planned to do. Keep up with our journey by subscribing to get our updates here.