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senior activitiesSome of the hardest things it seems to find once you become a senior citizen are activities that are fun while still being manageable. For obvious reasons, these activities become more limited as older age sets in. The spirit may be willing but the body may not be. However, you can still find a lot of fun things to do no matter what your age may be even if you have to help out your parents a little.

Something you need to keep in mind is that so much depends on what sort of shape the senior citizen is in. Be sure that your parents are healthy and fit enough for various activities before you get them involved. That’s a definite way to insure that everyone has a great time.

The top suggestion is to give your parents your time. Any time that you have to just sit and visit and spend some time chatting with them is always going to be their favorite activity. On top of that, it is also the safest activity of all.

Since technology now rules the world, if your senior parents are capable, get a computer for them and teach them how to operate it. Help them set up an email account and show them how to check it. You can even set up a social networking account for them and let them find some friends in their age group to chat online with. Be encouraging and let them know it’s just like learning anything else and that you’ll be happy to help them with any questions they may have along the way.

If your parents are the crafty type, arts and crafts can be a lot of fun for them. Help them obtain the tools they need for drawing, painting or sketching. Then provide a location for them to do these things. It may be that they have wanted to do this all their lives and now they finally have the chance.

Creating an indoor garden is a very enjoyable activity for an older person. This is especially true if they used to love gardening but are not able to get outdoors to do this any longer. They can get their hands in helping things to grow once more and watching it all happen from a bird’s eye view.

With the introduction of digital cameras, photography is another viable option as an activity for a senior. It’s not a limited activity because pictures can be taken anywhere, even if the person is wheelchair bound. They can instantly see the results of the pictures they have taken.

Parents of an advanced age can also find that it can now be time to write that book they have always talked about doing. It can be a book of personal memories or a novel of fiction. Either way, now they have the time to do it and it can be rather exciting for those would be writers.

If your parents can handle it, you may want to think about getting them a pet. While this is something that will be a lot of work, it is still something that can add a lot of pleasure to the lives of your parents. A dog is a great companion but will need extra attention with walks and things like that. Cats are less work but are sometimes not as companionable as dogs. Talk it over with your parents and see what they think.

For something a bit less active but fun, you can help them get started on making a scrap book. This can be made from old family photos that nearly all seniors have packed away somewhere. Get them some photo albums and help them locate the pictures. Then let them go crazy with it.

Now for the more mobile and active seniors, volunteering can be a wonderful way for them to feel useful while also keeping themselves busy. If your parents are really motivated, they may want to get out and take a class at a nearby community college. You can offer to help them make arrangements for either of these if they need you to.

As you can see, there are many things that your senior parents can do. It just depends on their health, physical fitness and capabilities.

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