Balance Exercises For Seniors

One of the problems that people who are older experience is balance issues. This is brought on by the fact that as they grow older, their balance is affected and this leads to increased falls in seniors. Balance exercises for seniors help to decrease the number of falls and improve balance. Balance in older people is reduced as a result of reduced eyesight and vision, decreased strength in the legs and limbs which makes it harder to retain balance and dizziness as a result of medication or medical issues such as anemia and low blood pressure.

Other reasons that may lead to balance issues are there is a delayed reaction to situations that may lead to a fall so that you will find that you may react slower to slipping which will lead to a fall, poor posture can lead to spinal degeneration which will make seniors more likely to be unbalanced and it is harder to lift the feet as a result of reduced flexibility or weight or any other health issues.

Balance exercises for seniors are designed to make the seniors more stable and improve on posture. This works to help in three ways which are improving eyesight if possible by wearing eyeglasses so that they can judge the distance of things and other environmental surroundings so as to reduce the chances of falling. It is also important that you are aware of the relation of your limbs. This is important because when you are aware of where your limbs are then you are more likely to retain your balance. The inner ear has a canal that has fluid. This canal in the ear is responsible for balance in the body. If all these physical and medical issues have been cleared by the doctor the balance can be worked on to improve posture, muscular and skeletal strength and generally the body’s relation to the surroundings so that there is improved balance.

One of the key issues in balance exercises for seniors is safety. It is important that when the older people are taking a program or class to improve their balance that there medical and physical needs and abilities are considered. If a senior is taking medication or has any other medical issues then balance exercises have to be cleared by the doctor first. Safety is ensuring that the people taking the class do not go beyond their physical ability which can strain or injure them.

Aids should be used as much as possible such as chairs, straps and other supportive items. This will help to bear your weight so that there is no strain. Comfortable shoes with grip are also important. Balance exercises work to improve the posture, stretch and increase fluidity in your body so that you are able to move faster and better to avoid falls. This also helps to make you have faster and better reaction so that you avoid some falls. It is important that seniors start with simple exercises such as getting up from a chair then moving on to more complex ones.

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