senior care

Risks of Retirement Homes

Many Baby Boomers are living well past the age of retirement. While this is great in so many ways, it’s also a bit scary when the children or grandchildren of these people can’t be there to take care of them once they reach the point where they need at least moderate supervision. There may come […]

living will

How to Make a Living Will

In the event that you’re unable to make decisions for yourself in a health emergency, a living will allows you to still let your wishes be known to your doctor. This is a legal document that states the kinds of medical treatments and life saving measures you want or do not want under particular circumstances. […]

our path of action

Our Path of Action: Easing the Burden of Aging

By Wendell C. Brierly In this time of Baby Boomers reaching the age where their children will soon need to be making some hard choices, any information available to help them move along this path more easily is certainly welcome. Wendell C. Brierly and his wife went through two life altering experiences with her father […]

home care assistance

Purpose of Home HealthCare Agencies

If the time comes that your senior age parents need assistance full time, you may want to look into using a home healthcare agency to provide this care for them when you can’t be there. While you probably want to be able to care for your aging parents yourself, this isn’t always possible because of […]

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Senior Health and Wellness

Most people who are older than 50 years try to do all they can to extend their healthy years as well as their future quality of life. This might seem pretty easy to do, but you would be surprised at just how many people have trouble with actually achieving these goals, especially those in the […]

elder care services

Elder Care Services

There may come a time when you, as the child of a Baby Boomer, may need to be responsible for finding elder care services to help out with their parents. This becomes obvious when they can no longer take care of themselves. As long as they’re able to cook, clean, do laundry and bathe themselves, […]

senior care

Finding the Best Senior Care for Your Elderly Parent

Currently, more and more people are having to deal with finding the best senior care for their elderly parents. Baby Boomers are not reaching the retirement age, which makes the need for decent elderly care more serious than it has ever been. When the time comes to select the best senior care, most people consider […]

in home health care

In Home Health Care

One of the most often used services for older people when they need a little extra help is in home health care. It can be a very convenient solution for both parent and child. This is a service that is provided by an in home companion who is trained to take care of the special […]


Retirement Homes for Seniors

People find as they get older they spend time thinking more and more about where they are going to be living when the time comes around for retirement. Sometimes, it’s difficult for your parents to accept that they may not be able to keep living at home when they get older. Relocating can happen for […]