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health and wellnessMost people who are older than 50 years try to do all they can to extend their healthy years as well as their future quality of life. This might seem pretty easy to do, but you would be surprised at just how many people have trouble with actually achieving these goals, especially those in the senior age group. Statistics suggest that a significant percentage of these people are having trouble winning the battle against the inevitable effects of aging. The life expectancy numbers have dropped to 80.8 years for women and 75.8 for men. You would think that with all of the technological advances in medicine and science that those numbers would be improving rather than dropping.

As a person ages, their body experiences a total change. Resistance is lost causing the organs to be weak. Because of this, you are more open to catching lots of serious diseases and illnesses. Once you get sick, the already weakened body becomes even weaker, which makes it hard to recover from the illness or disease. The best way to keep this from happening in later life, preventive measures should be taken in early life to keep the body healthy well into advanced age.

One of the most important parts of the health and wellness of seniors lies in the process of educating the older people in how general health issues can impact their health as they age. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration if they want to remain healthy as long as possible. The first of these is a person’s lifestyle. If your parents have always been rather active along with structured exercise, their bodies should be in relatively good shape. Extend this to not smoking and drinking only in moderation, and they have greatly increased the chances of remaining in excellent health well into their senior years.

Another way to keep your parents healthy longer is by helping them to maintain a balanced diet. Not only that, but things that have been shown as being harmful to the human body should also be eliminated from the diet. Too much of anything such as sugar, caffeine and other things aren’t exactly good for the body should be taken in moderation.

Physical activity is good for your parents as long as it is moderated and matched to their abilities. This gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping. Good circulation helps to keep the body healthy. Whether it is walking, jogging, playing tennis, cycling, or some other activity that your parents enjoy, keep encouraging them.

Obviously, any past and present health conditions will have an effect on your parents’ senior years. These will impact how long they will remain mobile and active because some of these things can come back to cause lots of issues. Regular checkups can keep those at bay somewhat.

Then there are hereditary health issues that can raise their troublesome little heads. Such things as heart disease, diabetes and cancer can be passed down through genetics. Any of these illnesses will slow down the activity of your elder parents. There are many senior health wellness programs that have been organized to provide some routine medical screenings and examinations. This alerts your parents to any early warning signs of the more common health issues that might come about because of getting older. These services also offer the right treatments through proper diagnosis.

Along with these tips to keep your parents healthier as they age, there are some other health maintenance suggestions that can also help. These include such things as:

* Drinking plenty of water through the day so that they don’t become dehydrated.

* Making sure they take enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

* Eating a healthy diet that is rick in protein and essential vitamins while taking out a lot of the fat.

* Increasing the amount of Vitamin B12 to keep their memories sharp.

* Adding spices and herbs to their food that will help boost their appetite.

* Taking proper dental care so they don’t get tooth decay and bad breath.

* Including special fitness programs that help keep the body functioning well.

By following these guidelines and adding in regular medical checkups, you should be able to help your parents stay healthy well into their older years.

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