our path of action

Our Path of Action: Easing the Burden of Aging

our path of actionBy Wendell C. Brierly

In this time of Baby Boomers reaching the age where their children will soon need to be making some hard choices, any information available to help them move along this path more easily is certainly welcome. Wendell C. Brierly and his wife went through two life altering experiences with her father and step-mother and lived to come out on the other side. It is due to these events that Brierly and his wife learned some very important facts about dealing with “the system” when it comes to skilled nursing care and handling things following the death of a parent.

Brierly and his wife lived 1,500 miles away from her 80 year old parents. Her step-mother needed extra care that her father found that he was no longer able to provide. Without consulting their daughter, they found a nursing care facility for her step-mother and everything was fine for a year. Then her father became very ill quite suddenly and was deceased within a couple of weeks. It was at this point that Brierly and his wife had to travel that 1,500 miles and deal with such things as closing out the home and accounts, paying final bills, and handling the changes to the Medicaid that the step-mother had been receiving to pay for her nursing care.

This ebook is the product of their experience in trying to get everything taken care of accurately and promptly. Nothing was simple for them once the process was started. They had to locate all the necessary paperwork, get the proper powers of attorney, and speak to all of the right people. In many instances, the powers of attorney weren’t going to hold up and something called a Representative Payee was necessary.

In the sharing of their story, Brierly offers tips of things that you and your parents can set in place well ahead of the time that they will be needed that will ease the path to such things as health care and funeral arrangements when they are needed. You’ll find a check list of things that will be needed at various points in time along with advice on how to deal with healthcare givers to a loved one when you’re across the country and having to get updates over the telephone. Little nuggets of advice such as being nice to the people on the phone and building a rapport with them can go a long way to insuring that you’ll get the information you need.

There is also a very detailed list of websites according to the different states that will help you to understand the various Medicaid rules or laws that are in place in your state. This can become very important when dealing with a nursing facility. As you will discover, these places may offer decent care for your parents, but they may not be quite as honest when it comes to finances.

The story of what happened to the Brierlys will offer you lots of valuable advice if you follow it before the need arises. That’s the main lesson to this book: Be prepared. When you’re ready for eventualities before they happen, you won’t be stuck grasping at straws like they were.

Written in a very easy to understand and interesting manner, Our Path of Action is a book that may be the best investment you ever make if you have parents from the Baby Boomer era. Do yourself a favor and print out the lists of necessities to go over with your parents while it can still make a difference and save yourself a lot of stress. You’ll be glad you did.

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