Medicaid: Who, What, When

Medicaid is a program hosted by both the federal government and individual states to provide health care to the poor. It’s regulated by Congress first, and then by state Legislatures. These lawmakers are the ones that set the qualifications for Americans and permanent residents in deciding whether or not they’ll be granted Medicaid. While these […]

senior activities

Exercise for Senior Citizens

You’ve probably heard the phrase that it’s never too late to get in shape. With Baby Boomers, you can probably add to that in saying that it’s never too late to stay in shape, too. Exercise for seniors is very important. Not only are the benefits ongoing, but exercise has the unique ability to actually […]


Dealing with Alzheimers Disease

Dealing with Alzheimers disease is one of the most difficult and over-whelming experiences that you can go through. It can be challenging and heart breaking all at one time not just for your parent, but you as well. This is especially true if you’re the main care giver of your parent. Patients with Alzheimers will […]

mental health

Mental Exercise Benefit for Mental Health

Everyone knows, or should know, by now all about the many benefits that regular physical exercise offers the body. It’s a proven fact that you should try to work in a 30 to 45 minute regimen of physical exercise at least 5 days a week. This is enough exercise to help keep your body in […]

senior care

Risks of Retirement Homes

Many Baby Boomers are living well past the age of retirement. While this is great in so many ways, it’s also a bit scary when the children or grandchildren of these people can’t be there to take care of them once they reach the point where they need at least moderate supervision. There may come […]

living will

How to Make a Living Will

In the event that you’re unable to make decisions for yourself in a health emergency, a living will allows you to still let your wishes be known to your doctor. This is a legal document that states the kinds of medical treatments and life saving measures you want or do not want under particular circumstances. […]

senior trip ideas

Senior Trip Ideas for Winter

One of the most important times of the year for seniors to have some vacations or getaways is during the colder months of the year. This is especially true if the aforementioned seniors already live in locations with a colder climate. The perfect idea is to vacation in a very warm place while things at […]

senior dating

The Senior Dating Group

Something that children of Baby Boomers may not understand is that just because their parents are members of the senior dating group doesn’t mean that they are no longer interested in companionship and, yes, even romance. Many people are living longer these days thanks to various medical and scientific technology. This means that there may […]

our path of action

Our Path of Action: Easing the Burden of Aging

By Wendell C. Brierly In this time of Baby Boomers reaching the age where their children will soon need to be making some hard choices, any information available to help them move along this path more easily is certainly welcome. Wendell C. Brierly and his wife went through two life altering experiences with her father […]

living will

All about a Living Will

You’ve probably heard the term “living will,” whether you understood what it meant or not. The definition of a living will is a health care directive that states the wishes of a patient that will be respected and legally adhered to. The living will makes sure that the care outlined in it is followed above […]