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Finding the Best Senior Care for Your Elderly Parent

senior careCurrently, more and more people are having to deal with finding the best senior care for their elderly parents. Baby Boomers are not reaching the retirement age, which makes the need for decent elderly care more serious than it has ever been. When the time comes to select the best senior care, most people consider three options. These are a family caregiver, an in home senior care agency and a nursing home.

Nursing homes have been the primary choice for a lot of families during the last 50 years or so when they needed to have an elderly parent cared for. This is a very well-known option and one that most people know about. While this can be a very viable option for many families, there are some definite negative points to be considered. The first one is that these facilities can be very costly because your elderly parent is not only living there full time, but is also receiving round the clock care. Those costs add up pretty fast. The only way that these are affordable options for ordinary people is if there was some long-term care insurance in place for several years. Otherwise, the cost of a nursing home can quickly go through all of the assets of the senior parent, but in some places, it can attack the family assets, too.

Another major issue with nursing homes concerns the quality of life. Anytime someone is asked to move away from everything that is familiar to them and move into some place that is totally foreign to them, you can expect some problems. Your senior parents won’t know anyone in this new place and they may not be willing to make friends if they are feeling resentful about the move. In addition, there is some very impersonal care given and a lot of these facilities. When this is going on and combined with the lack of visits from you, there is a much greater potential for lower life quality than if they had just remained in their home.

Another option to look into when senior care is needed for your parent is to get a family caregiver. If the person you get is qualified and well-trained, this can be the best option of all. The cost is less and your parent can stay in their home where they have been happy and comfortable. This is nearly always a better alternative to a nursing home because there’s so much more warmth and personality in someone’s own home. This is also a better option than to try to do it yourself. When the care of a parent is put on just one person, though, it can become quite stressful and tense. This can be an issue when the family member providing the care has their own family that they never get to see due to all of the time away from them.

A very popular option for providing assistance to a senior parent these days is in home care. This is different from the family member providing the home care is that a professional is hired through an agency specializing in caring for elderly parents in their own homes. These are licensed agencies that perform all of the investigations into the caregivers regarding their training, experience and character. This means they have also had a background check run on them to be sure there is no criminal history.

These caregivers are matched by the agency to the parent that they will be caring for according to the caregiver’s training and the needs of the patient. Then this professional goes to the home of the patient and takes care of them in the environment that they are happiest in and most familiar with. This care is much better than they would have received in a facility. It also reduces the tension in the household when there’s someone there dedicated to care for the elderly parent. Not only is this less expensive than a facility, but it is also a happier situation for everyone concerned. Your parents are sure to thrive in circumstances such as this because they will be well cared for and have plenty of social interaction.

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