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The Services the Assisted Living Facilities Offer and How to Choose One

Staying at an assisted living facility is a good option for elderly people who want to get help with some of their daily activities such as cooking meals, keeping house and travelling to appointments. You can choose to take your parent or loved one to an assisted living facility if heshe does not need the medical supervision and care that nursing homes offer but you want himher to receive personal care services that heshe cannot receive at home or in independent living retirement communities.

Assisted living facilities develop personalized plans that meet the needs of all residents. They accommodate their disabilities while offering them freedom to complete the tasks that they are able to perform on their own. These facilities range from renovated schools to converted homes or apartment complexes. In some facilities, residents have to share rooms unless they are willing to pay higher charges. Most of these facilities have group dining areas and common areas for recreational and social activities. The typical services that assisted living facilities offer include:

  • Assistance with dressing, bathing, walking and eating
  • Three meals served every day in a shared dining area
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping services
  • Medication management
  • Wellness and exercise programs
  • Access to medical and health services
  • 24 hour security

Knowing when your parent or loved one needs more help is not that easy but there are some signs that you can look for. If you notice the following warning signs, it is the right time for you to consider taking your elderly parent to an assisted living facility.

Weight loss or finding that the fridge is filled with spoilt food or is empty – This can indicate that your parent is not eating well because he/she finds cooking or shopping difficult.

* Frequent bruises – These may be signs of balance or mobility problems or falling.

* Failing to change clothes often or neglecting personal hygiene – This can indicate that your parent finds it difficult or challenging to take a bath or do laundry.

* Failing to tidy up the house or yard.

* Forgetting things such as when to take medication – This is a sign of memory loss.

*Signs of depression – Seniors who live alone or feel isolated are prone to suffering from depression.

* Inappropriate or strange behavior such as failing to dress appropriately for the weather- This can be a sign that your parent or loved one is experiencing confusion.

What to consider when choosing an assisted living facility

Assisted living facilities differ and it is important to take some time to search for the right facility for your parent. When searching for such a facility, consider amenities, staff and residents. The residents and staff of an assisted living facility matter a lot because they are the people that make the facility. You should choose a facility where members of staff are friendly, warm and caring and the residents are friendly. Basically, the right facility is one where your elderly parent can fit in and create new friends and feel at home.

Even though assisted living facilities need to be well maintained and clean, do not place too much emphasis on things such as impeccable grounds, gourmet meals and designer furnishings. Another important thing to consider is the cost. The average cost of living in such a facility ranges from 800 dollars to 4,000 dollars or more a month depending on the state and area in which you live. Choose a facility that you can afford and offers the amenities that your parent would like.

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