Tips To Choosing Good Senior Living Communities

Choosing an ideal senior living facility for our fathers or mothers has often been a hard nut to crack. However, with the increase of cases of neglect and abuse against the elderly, those questions have precipitated scarier thoughts: Is my father’s safety guaranteed? For sure, foolproof strategy for picking the right senior living communities is still elusive. Besides, the steps are similar regardless of whether you are keen on avoiding the worst or getting the best plans. Below are the starting point and factors to consider.

The first step is to determine the nursing homes in the region where you live, which are worth any consideration. Look at many options. Look for an online tool which can assist you in locating the senior living communities within a specific region and indicate their ratings to you on two aspects: the quantity of time the staff spends with the clients and quality of care. Narrow your list to only homes having between four and five stars on care quality, and between 3.5 to 4.5 hours a day of nursing per resident. Next, using the recommendations from friends and doctors, it’s possible to consult a home nursing ombudsman in your region for free. These advocates can give you vital information about the bad and good nursing home facilities.

Tally the costs

After determination of your wish list, tally their costs. Private rooms in senior living centers cost 299 a day and 205 a day for semi-private rooms. However, some homes demand as high as 687 for private rooms and 610 for semi-private ones. While some charge a paltry 138 for private rooms and 123 for semi-private rooms based on where one lives. The charges are exorbitant in Alaska and Northeast and major cities, such as New York, San Francisco and Boston, but the costs in Southeast states, such as Louisiana and Texas, are less. More money is also charged for patients with health problems such as Alzheimer’s which warrants more supervision.

Make multiple visit

Visit the medicare homes in your shortlist repeatedly. Be keen on the interaction of the staff and the residents whether they know their names, if they are kind to them or if they smile at the residents. Inquire from the visitors and residents about their attitude toward the staff, services and food.

Talk to key players

Good staff will take good care of your loved one. Therefore, meet many employees, particularly senior management, because they hire and coordinate the activities of the home. Ensure you meet the nursing director, medical director and the facility administrator. Inquire about their qualifications, how long they have handled the elderly, the tasks they carry out and their likes and dislikes concerning the job. Usually, workers who have worked with the elderly for around five years have enough experience and are open regarding the practices and policies of the senior living home.

Ask the relevant questions

Grill employees and management. Inquire if there is a background check about the workers. Request for their recent copies of federal inspection which contains the complaints and problems the facility has experienced. Get to know about the actions they take against cases of abuse and neglect.

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    • Megan
    • September 13, 2017

    I like the tip about making multiple visits to the facility. My mom is looking for a place for my grandmother. I will let her know to visit the facility multiple times and notice how the staff treats the residents.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for bringing to my attention that you should visit the senior living communities a few times to watch how the staff interacts with the residents. My mother is getting older, and she’s starting to have difficulty completing some of her basic daily tasks, so I’m concerned about her continuing to live on her own. I want to help her find a good senior care facility to live in so she can get the help that she needs. It would definitely be insightful to see how the staff interacts with the residents. That would be important because I want my mom to live somewhere where she feels like she’s cared about and has friends to talk to.

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