Yoga For Seniors

Seniors are encouraged to exercise as this reduces the chances of getting lifestyle illnesses that are related to old age such as arthritis, rheumatism, poor blood circulation, an increase in body fat and decreased muscle, stress-related symptoms, sleep problems among others. Exercise also prevents fast degeneration of the body and some physical function. Finding the right exercise for this age group is almost as important as exercising itself. This is because older people are fragile and may not have the physical capacity to be able to exercise like people of a younger age. It is best to go for gentle forms of exercise such as walking, yoga and jogging.

Research shows that yoga is beneficial to the body and the mind because you become more relaxed after a yoga session. This is because yoga enables older people to understand their bodies. This is important for people who have not totally accepted the changes that old age has brought about. This acceptance enables seniors to understand these changes and what it means so that they can be more positive which creates better well being in the mind.

There is beginner and advanced yoga for seniors. It is best to start with a beginners’ class especially for seniors who live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. If you push yourself too hard this may result in injuries or it may further exacerbate existing health problems. Yoga for seniors has benefits such as it helps to increase flexibility which increases the range of movement. This helps also to reduce the pain from illnesses such as arthritis and rheumatism because of increases flexibility.

Regular exercise also helps combat fatigue so that you have increased energy levels. It will also help in dealing with sleep issues. Seniors who are actively involved in yoga have an improved sleep pattern and less stress ailments. This will help them sleep better at nigh and adequate sleep and rest is important for optimum health. Yoga also concentrates on deep breathing which helps reduce and manages heart and respiratory issues. This is because deep breathing is beneficial to the body and it also helps to clear the air passages.

The movement from yoga can help maintain weight even if it is not very effective for weight loss. The stretching and poses that are used in yoga help the body to firm up which leads to increased muscle tone. It is important that seniors attend yoga classes that are designed for them. Even though yoga is a mild exercise, it can become intense which increases the risk of injury. Senior classes are designed so that the participants use props such as chairs, mats and straps so that they do not strain themselves. Yoga designed for seniors also tends to have alternatives to poses to prevent straining and injury. The instructor also conducts the class slower so that transitions between the poses are done comfortably and the poses are not held for long. The yoga poses are also designed to deal with health issues that are specific to the particular age group.

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